The Second High School attached to Beijing Normal University focus on education which faces to the world and having an active conversation with international school. The school does it best to make students have a chance to make new friends with oversea students face to face and feeling the different world culture.

From 1969 school receive over 30,000 visitors from over 70 counties and have wonderful culture conversations and party.

The Second High School attached to Beijing Normal University is the first school which is allowed to entrant oversea students in Beijing. From 1980s school started to take in the foreign students. At the moment there are 300 foreign students study in the school. a lot of international students getting to famous Chinese university such as Beijing University, Qing Hua University, Beijing Normal University and so on.

The school has a short term Chinese lesson for different level and different countries students. Since 1995 the school has started a variety of short term Chinese and Chinese culture lesson.

The Second High School attached to Beijing Normal University try to make a good relationship with foreign school. Nowadays, the school builds a long term relation with many foreign schools and visits each other.

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American: Visit Each Other With Sidwell Friends School

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Japan: Visit Each Other With Tokushima Bunri Junior & Senior High School

Singapore: "Double Culture Lesson" Project

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Britain: ST. PAUL'S Girls' School Visiting

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