Every corner in school is a beautiful image.

The environmental design is basic on making objects with culture and spirit. It makes students and teachers to love school. The target and the pursuit become a planning of school education environment. And put the development of school inside the design. It influences students and teachers silently.

The grass and trees, the sculpture and the buildings are full of lives and spirits. This makes every corner of school fill a special culture spirit. It becomes the light of pointing the way to students and teachers. Beside the corridor "looking for real, believe peace and love future" is written on the wall. In the morning and evening, these words watch on every body walking through it; "The Chinese Culture History Wall" shows the 5000 years history of China; "The Pavilion of Zu ChongZhi", "The Sculpture of Three Sails", "The School Motto Stone" and so on always reminds students and teachers to fight and achieve the goals.

These sights of school become educator. It becomes the guider of students and teachers' dreams and future.
Garden Teaching Building
Gymnastic Hall Swimming Pool
Palace Of Art Three Salls
The Chinese Cullture History Wall Sight Of School In Nineties
Spring Autumn
National School Middle School